She Looks Like Fun


Smile like you’ve got a straw in something tropical
I’ve got the party plugged right into my skull
Wayne Manor, what a memorable N.Y.E
Good morning (She looks like fun)

Cheeseburger (She looks like fun)
Snowboarding (She looks like-)
Finally, I can share with you through cloudy skies
Every whimsical thought that enters my mind
There’s no limit to the length of the dickheads we can be
Bukowski (She looks like fun)

Dogsitting (She looks like fun)
Screwballing (She looks like-)
Finally, there’s a place where you can wag your tongue
Baby, but why can’t we all just get along?
Dance as if somebody’s watching, ’cause they are
No one’s on the streets
We moved it all online as of March
I’m so full of shite
I need to spend less time stood around in bars
Waffling on to strangers all about martial arts
And how much I respect them
Key changes (She looks like fun)

Re-thinking (She looks like fun)
New order (She looks like fun)